Sharing the Journey to One Love

Sharing the Journey to One Love

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Welcome to this exciting website and learning about a journey to One Love. The intention is to put ‘The Good News’ out, that being the joy found in moments of freeing the mind of mental conditioned thinking and exploring the possibilities of flexing the mind, making it reach far beyond what you can imagine, by opening the heart.

This website is your connection to the adventure of ancient and modern cultural teachings I have come across in my studies of Christian, Native American, Hindu and Buddhist practices. These are lessons of connecting to the true nature of existence and allowing for the Universal Intelligence to reveal itself within your heart.

I am no expert, but merely share the beauty of what I have found by combining these teachings when faced with challenges in life and the joys of reality and merely put it out there to choose from.

I have experimented with these teachings in my own personal life and feel it is time to do what I can to help others discover it for themselves by providing classes and events with different formats of thinking. I like to be considered as an ‘inukshuk’ or ‘cairn’, (a way shower) pointing to opportunities along the path to One Love.

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"Let Us Pray"

That’s the beauty of prayer. Each person has their own unique meaning, form, and purpose to prayer. Let’s look at some these.


Feeling Restlessness

Having a mind that is constantly telling me what it thinks can be so annoying. It judges whether it likes something, what it thinks I should do, or say.


Being Kind to Myself

It is only the mind thinking, not really who I am, but this compulsive urge is like a toddler running the show. And I have let it. That is until this discovery.


It's Nothing, Really

The true reality of freedom and joy might be different from our own desired concepts, and maybe that is why we yearn for it, or make ourselves believe we have it, or even more so, don’t see it in the world.

I respect and honor all faiths,
ages and genders when facilitating these classes,
knowing full well we are
all brothers and sisters on the path.