Sharing the Journey to One Love

My Story

Living by the sea since 1976, devotion to aquatic adventures with all the mysticism that comes with it, has been the highlight of Sioux’s life. Intriguing moments, like witnessing the full moon through the clear, crystal waters from the nighttime depths in the Caribbean, or the infinite vastness of diving off the Napali coastline in the Pacific, or the never-ending basking in the sun at Florida beaches, have accumulated the awareness within, of silent contemplation and wonder of being alive.

These exquisite experiences compelled an interest to also dive deep into her curious soul to search for the purpose of life as it is, not for just the pleasures and sorrows that it brings, but for what reason it is happening in the first place. Is there more to life than just what we have been conditioned to believe? Is there an unknown factor of existence that we have never been taught?

Throughout most of her adult life she has studied various spiritual practices: Hindu legends, Buddhist traditions, Christian teachings, Native American Ceremonies and philosophical mysticism. Now, they have converged into one river of understanding. An expression of Divine Intelligence that ‘seems’ to have opened her heart to a sustainable inner peace, and has revealed Its blessings through meditation and contemplation.

Though it must be stated that there are many moments of solitude in this inner world, even still, there are many times when the outer world inflicts itself and redirects the mind and body (demanding responsibility as a functioning person in this world). Does the silent peace within go away or does it merely retreat to the background? If so, do we even notice it lingering silently, intangible as the back drop to all life experiences?

The quest for answers may seem futile to the outside world, but to the inner world, could it be a calling of Spirit that is reflecting Itself through us, offering us a way to peace?

Deliberately using these questions in intimate classroom settings for years, Sioux has exposed to all attendees these different angles of perception to explore for themselves. Now, using the opportunity through short videos, she opens the so-called ‘Pandora’s Box’ of the mind and points a way to the freedom of genuine loving awareness to all life has to offer, especially those who find themselves ripe for this understanding. These videos have recommended reading to deepen one’s comprehension to this inner world, as well as suggestions in practices she has found for explicit guidance.

It is her hope to share, not her own teachings, but those of the many who have mastered these topics throughout the ages. Those who were touched with the Loving Light to share to all of us.