Sharing the Journey to One Love

Loving Cypress

Written by Sioux Nikoley

I remember the first time we met
The instant my eyes laid upon your beauty
It’s been many years since then
Yet you haven’t seemed to age
Remember…the sun was setting
Its warm glow descended all around us
Lighting up every detail of you
Exposing the sweetness of your spirit
And on that day, the heated forest
Curtsied to the gentle breeze
Dispersed an earthly fragrance often cherished
Everything I smelled was you.

I love to come and be with you
Your presence is always welcoming
As you wrap your peacefulness around me
Engaging all my senses of security
Oh, the serenity of laying on the soft earth beside you
Listening to the birds and insects fly by
I feel sweet contentment in my heart
Knowing that you enjoy this as much as I.

You are very patient with my thoughts
While I share details of my simple life
As though you have all the time in the world
To hear everything I have to say
Remember when I took your photograph
How lovingly you posed with sheer delight
I showed it to someone just the other day
While sharing all about your loving ways
And as they glanced down upon your image
They said I must be mistaken
For the picture had no one in it, only a tree.

Sioux Nikoley 2010

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