Sharing the Journey to One Love

Myakka Sweet Myakka

Written by Sioux Nikoley

Myakka sweet Myakka
How your river soothes my soul
You bring to me the gift of peace
Upon your grassy knoll
And in the stately flatwoods
Your fragrance sweet with pine
Uplifts my melting spirit
That sadly fell behind

Your water lets my problems flow
Away on floating leaves
While high above white fluffy clouds
Drift slowly over trees
When I spend time amongst the prairie
Contemplating life
You show me Eagle’s freedom
And take away my strife

Within your soggy marshes
Where the frogs grunt lullabies
I am caressed with morning mist
I feel so mesmerized
And when s deer does cross my path
It stops to read my mind
I send it love and start to sing
And feel our hearts align

Along you winding road of bliss
You’ve helped me win my fight
Against the urgent pace of life
With each and every sight
Compelled to join your spirit now
And fill myself with grace
Myakka sweet Myakka
You are a sacred place.

Sioux Nikoley 2010

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