Sharing the Journey to One Love

Now Comes A Time

Written by Sioux Nikoley

Now comes a time in our life when we realize our future will be shorter than our past…that being open to what life must offer is more fun than fighting it because we thought we had a better idea…those events we experienced in a bad way have paid off with wisdom…and all the relationships with others opened our hearts to acceptance of the different.

Now comes a time in our life when being young and sexual comes second to mature and dependable…where we’re not measuring the score of sacrifice and serving…when the body starts slowing down and the heart increases its feelings…when our hands look ole but our minds are sharp…when troubles succumb to the gratitude of just being conscious and alive.

Now comes a time in our life where dreams can grow out of courage…where we find we can step forth with our truth…where being who we truly are is important…and where judgements can be released, for somewhere along the way they lost their value.

Now comes a time in our life when having fun and being loving is more important than having money…when helping a friend is the best gift we can give and sharing laughter and joy the greatest receiving…when knowing what is needed most is just listening rather than spouting opinions…and investing in love rather than securities.

Now comes a time in our life when we can share with ourselves the value of life at its grandest, the deep inner truth without the screen of illusion…the power of love with courage and strength…the light of love for the future.

Now comes a time in our life when our spirit can soar free of inhibitions, naked with truth and heated passion…
Now comes a time for us to be in the bliss with gratitude and notice.

Sioux Nikoley circa 2000

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