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Seven Chimes

Written by Sioux Nikoley

It comes as the Lord blesses the rising sun
Glowing upon His wide spread arms
Piercing His heart with eternal promise
As church bells sound the joyous remembrance
All dwell in the midst of this sacred vision.

Or maybe it comes with the salt laced breeze
Now cooled from a northern front
Clasping its chill on my cheeks and nose
Waking me into its glorious passion.

It may also come from the garden maze
Dressed in a multitude of colorful flowers
Each plant unique in style and grace
With borders of neatly lined large clam shells
Now sun bleached from leaving a previous water life.
This garden expresses the creative force of man and plant
Working in artistic union that constantly evolves as days’ pass,
Its many years are evident.

The house could be another source from whence it comes.
Burrowed places hint of musty aged wood
Now colored by trends in island style
Of heart pink and crisp white
Lends my ear a whisper to generations of cozy family life
Spent happily near the lapping shore.

As I sit in solitude, taking in all the secret echoes,
I hear the song of seven chimes
Ringing together in perfect pitch
Harmonizing rhythms which sway to the breeze
Reminding me it comes from all
Every element offers its power of peace
For all who share in the oasis.

Sioux Nikoley 2013

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