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The Performance of a Leaf

Written by Sioux Nikoley

I’ve been given the gift of solitude
With no worry about the time
Or any of life’s distractions
That create a busy mind

I’m allowed to sit in silence
And witness sheer joy of the breeze
Pondering peace in this nature
Noting clouds that drift with ease

My eyes do settle upon a tree
And fixate as if in a trance
Then suddenly a leaf lets loose
In a spiral sort of dance

Its spinning sends it toward the earth
Twisting round and round as it drops
Then got caught by the web of a spider
Whose thin strand forced it to stop

The tender grip of the web is enduring
The leaf swings with the makeshift trapeze
Still spinning yet sways like a pendulum
It’s a moment to blissfully seize

Without reason, it breaks loose from its hold
Gaining freedom of flight once again
Downward it swirls with utmost grace
And the dance comes to an end

It is a sight to hold and reflect upon
In these moments of human grief
Taking some quiet time out of our day
To watch the performance of a leaf

Sioux Nikoley circa 1998

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