Sharing the Journey to One Love

The Noble Heart

Written by Sioux Nikoley

I love with all that I am
Something inside me
Before I was born
It flows rich in my blood
Pumped from eons ago.

It travels through
Galaxies long extinct
Of something so elaborate
So full of power
It is of nothing but itself
For it is all that exists.

It’s a trust with no explanations
A tempt to discern and discover
A feeling of exuberant joy
Not to grasp and hold on to
But to let it flow through me.

Out through the breath of my pores
Out through my eyes to all that is seen
Out through my heart to all that it feels
Out through my actions and behavior
Out through my fears and my doubts
Out through my words and my tears
To the galaxies not yet born.

Sioux Nikoley 2015

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